Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fertility Diet Makes a Difference When Conceiving in Your Forties

I heard that Celine Dion finally did succeed in becoming pregnant in her early 40's and now has twin boys. Hooray! She did not give up. Conceiving in your 40's can be done, especially when we take care of our bodies, minds and spirits.

How about conceiving naturally when you're 45 or older? Possible? Yes, it is. Today I'd like to share with you the inspiring story of a woman who defeated the odds to naturally conceive at 45 and give birth -- an all-natural water birth at home, no less -- at the age of 46. Her amazing story just re-enforces my belief in the power we all have to make a difference in our own well-being and health.

Maha al Musa is a Lebanese mother residing in Byron Bay, Australia. She had PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and was told at age 32 that she would never be able to conceive naturally. She gave up smoking, drinking and worked to improve her health to give birth to her first son, who is today 13. She felt a vacation--being completely relaxed--contributed to the conception, in her late 30's, of her second son, who is today 10.

But conceiving her third child naturally at 45 seems especially amazing. Close to age 41 Maha al Musa began a low GI (Glycemic Index) diet; that is, a diet of foods that do not adversely affect blood sugar levels. We know that spikes in our blood sugar are NOT good for fertility and conception (or our health for that matter). She said she was very strict. "In the first year I ate no bread, pasta or rice and only green apples for fruits. [I ate] mainly protein and veggies, nuts and seeds, low-fat dairy...."

Along with her cleaner diet, she also took herbs and had acupuncture. She also had her partner eliminate wheat and sugar and reduce dairy, plus also take Chinese herbs, vitamins and minerals. Maha al Musa also adds, "I think this helped greatly, along with regular sex." For her daughter, she was with a new partner and was in love. "I also believe the love vibration was very strong," she says. I also believe that feeling the love for your partner aids conception.

Almost five years later, at 45, she conceived her daughter, who is today 21 months old. She has this to say: "I always, always sprout on about a healthy diet being for me the number one BEST thing a woman (and man) can do for her (and his) fertility. I am a very strong advocate of healthy diet with strong will power! For the guys, too. Plus herbs, acupuncture and clarity of mind and spirit."

She also counts herself as an ex-PCOS woman, verified by her having a regular cycle, feeling great, and an ultrasound that showed it gone after the birth of her second son.

Maha al Musa also felt the change in her diet made her feel "lighter in mind, body and spirit." She felt very inspired, healthy and "alive" with life. Today she is a doula and  founder of Belly Dance For Birth. Check it out! To learn more about her story, read these:

I want to thank Maha al Musa for sharing her beautiful story with us. I also want to thank Angel La Liberte, also a mom of two, having conceived naturally at 42 and 44!! as she runs a wonderful, inspiring blog for women who conceive naturally in their 40's. Please check it out!

Our story was recently featured in Angel's blog here: