Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Inspirations at Fertility Planit Show

It was a real pleasure to attend the first ever Fertility Planit Show a couple of weeks ago in L.A. I heard amazing stories of hope and inspiration, humor and insight, and of course there was a wealth of information to take home. It was an uplifting, positive experience. I even made some new friends, with whom I exchanged heartfelt stories.

If you could not make it to this year’s event, all their sessions are now available online for free! See http://fertilityplanitshow.com/videos/. And think about attending next year.
Here is a random list of quotes from sessions I attended, stories I heard, or conversations I had.
From the “Street:”
  • “If you want to be a parent, you will. It just might not come in the way you expect it.” Karin Thayer, founder of Fertility Planit.
  • “You have to have hope… It’s important being positive through the process… we are not statistics.” Molly Nichols, owner of Mind-Belly Connection.
  • I learned about Michelle Adams, who used yoga and diet to reverse her POF (Premature Ovarian Failure) and conceive.
 From the Fertility When You’re Over 40 Session…
  • “Everybody always gets there eventually.” Dr. Catherine Deugarte, Pacific Fertility Center.
  • “If you’re going to make a copy [a mini-you, a baby], you don’t have a lot of time, so you want to get it right. …Stress level plays a huge role.” Dr. Dao, author of The Tao of Fertility, sharing about the need to reduce stress, and other lifestyle factors.
  • So much of infertility feels out of control. Psychologically, if you can do something, [it really helps].” Author and moderator, Monica Corcoran.
  • I loved hearing that a Reproductive Endocrinologist (a fertility doctor), Dr. Catherine Deugarte, recommended wheatgrass and other natural supplements, such as Royal Jelly, to boost fertility.
 From the Diet Nutrition and Lifestyle Session…
  • Ashley Koff, RD (Registered Dietician) talked about the need to treat the body as a whole.
  • “Small changes with diet, exercise and lifestyle can make you healthy.” Mandy Ingber, founder of Yogalosophy.
  • “Health begins in our digestive track.” Dr. Prudence Hall, founder of Hall Center Venice. She recommends eliminating gluten and flour because these cause inflammation.  Watch the video of this session for additional, more specific recommendations, including supplements to take.
  • “You want to create a relaxed, stress free environment.” Mandy Ingber.
  • “You do have control over what you put in your body.” Stacie Krajchir-Tom, writer and moderator.
  • Ashley’s advice: “Improve the quality of what you’re eating, within whatever culture. …Get balance.”
  • “Avoid an environment that is overly acidic with too much sugar and animal protein.” (Didn’t note which of the speakers said this, but it’s definitely good advice!)
From the Mind-Body Balance for Fertility Session…

This session featured Dr. Randine Lewis, author of The Infertility Cure and founder of the Fertile Soul, in conversation with Suzanne Rico, a health correspondent and one of Dr. Lewis’ former Fertile Soul participants.
  • “How to face a challenge: you dance with it. ..You figure out how to live your best life along with those things.” Suzanne Rico & Dr. Randine Lewis.
  • “Fertility is an inside job. … The only healer is in the heart.” Dr. Randine Lewis
  • “I need to take a step back and accept what happens. …Fertility can teach lessons about life.” Suzanne Rico.
  • “Fertility issues will steal your time. Don’t let it!” Suzane Rico.
  • "Be an inspired participant in your journey. …How are you in harmony with everything in your life? …Not how do I get out of it, but here I am in it… don’t resist it, live it, feel it. …a moment that shifts everything.” Dr. Randine Lewis.
  • Final words from Dr. Lewis: “Go out and believe.”
 photo: me, Shannon Giordano, and Molly Nichols at the Fertility Planit Show