Monday, April 18, 2011

Fertility Diet: Fruits and Popcorn and Other Diet Questions

QUESTION: In your talk on eating to optimize fertility, you don't mention fruits. Why not? Are fruits OK?

ANSWER: I didn’t mention fruits because they are not essential on a fertility diet (because of their sugar content) the way that vegetables are. But fruits are a great source of nutrients! And the more variety of them you eat the better. Go for all colors. You do have to watch eating too many/too much in one sitting, though, again, because of the high sugar content. I’d suggest that three fruits a day is about right. Eliminate fruit juices entirely, however. The concentration of sugar is too great and will cause a rapid rise in blood sugar levels. Same goes for jam (even if it's just fruit with nothing else added.) Stick with whole fruits. (It's springtime and a great season for all kinds of fruits!_

QUESTION:  Can I eat popcorn on the fertility diet?

ANSWER: Popcorn is fine, as long as you don’t have an allergy or sensitivity to corn. However, either air-pop it or pop it the old-fashioned way (in healthy oil, such as canola, in a deep pan.) The microwavable version uses chemicals in its bag lining that are not good for us. Also, try to buy the corn kernels organic if you can, as most corn is genetically-modified, and you want to avoid that. (See my blog about GM foods and fertility.)

QUESTION: I know wheat is not allowed. Can I still eat corn tortillas?

ANSWER: Absolutely, as long as you don’t have an allergy or sensitivity to corn. Like the popcorn, try to buy it organic. And read the label to make sure the ingredients are all healthy and that nothing artificial has been added. No trans fat (hydrogenated oil) and no sugar!

Happy, healthy eating.