Friday, August 6, 2010

Fertility Diet: Some Helpful Resources

Today I thought I would provide a few helpful resources to support you on a fertility diet and on the fertility journey in general. Some of these resources are listed on our website already, and others will be added there soon. So also check out our Resources page, esp. in weeks to come.

Organic Restaurants, Groceries, and Other
It can be hard to eat in and cook ALL the time while on a fertility friendly diet. Here are a couple of resources for finding all things organic in your area:

Eat Well Guide - In KEYWORDS type in Organic and in ZIP CODE type in your zip code (in the US), and then click the FIND button next to the zip code. You’ll be given a list of organic restaurants, farms and much more that offer organic foods.

Organic Consumers - Type in your zip code and select organic foods. It will then display organizations in your area that offer organic foods.

Nutritional Info
Whole Foods Market Nutritional Guide - learn the nutritional value and health benefits of all kinds of whole foods, from fruits and veggies to nuts and grains.

Here are just a handful of sites out there with loads of wonderful, supportive information:
Fertility Authority - loads of useful and interesting information. They're "Daily Shot" (email) of fertility information and tips is great! I also write for this site.
Fertility Wire - put out by Pacific Fertility Center, this site captures the latest fertility-related news.
Fertility Plus - articles and other info here.

Blogging and Message Boards
There are many fantastic fertility blogs out there. Too many to name here. I just wanted to share these two top resources.

The Fertility Blogs - Here you can create your own fertility blog! And build groups, and share information. With contributors ranging from Reproductive Endocrinologists (fertility doctors) to the founder of the innovative mind-body programs Circle+Bloom to those going through infertility, you'll also find a wealth of useful and supportive information. I also write for this site.

Fertility Community - This site provides a huge wealth of information on everything you can think of related to infertility. But what I like best about it is it's huge array of lively and supportive message boards. You can really get the support you're looking for here.

Check these resources out. And if you come upon a great resource yourself, please let us know about it! We'd love to share it with others. Just email to me:

All the best to you!
photo: tomatoes from our garden picked yesterday!