Friday, July 2, 2010

Fertility Diet: Surrendering, the Hardest Part

I believe one of the most important steps in your fertility journey--and one of the hardest--is to surrender. Do everything you can to optimize fertility: change your diet, do mind-body programs, practice yoga, research answers, consult doctors. And then, let go, surrender, and allow the mystery to unfold.

Surrendering is NOT giving up, it's accepting what is, and letting go of resistance. Once you do that, amazing things can happen. By now many of you have probably heard stories of those who got pregnant while "taking a break" from fertility or after adopting a child or after giving up. The pressure is "off," your body opens up and is more ready to receive.

I won't write too much more on this topic because I just realized I've written about it before in more detail here: The Power of Surrender.  I will say this, though, it can be hard to get to a place of surrender - before it is imposed upon you by your finally giving up.  A practice of daily meditation, wherein you remind yourself you're doing the best you can and then let go to allow the universe to bring you answers, can help. Mind-body techniques, support groups, and just plain talking and journaling can all help you reach a more serene place in your journey. I recommend Randine Lewis' book: The Way of the Fertile Soul and Dr. Alice Domar's book: Conquering Infertility to help.

Wishing the best of health.
photo (c) by Peter Bowers