Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fertility and Possibility

My husband, Pierre Giauque, and I have been working many late nights to finish the last pieces and final edits on our specialty cookbook, which goes to press tomorrow! We're very excited about it. Finally, we can bring all we've learned about nutrition and fertility--through years of research and practice--to others in the form of a cookbook with simple-to-make recipes. It's called The Fertile Kitchen Cookbook: Simple Recipes for Optimizing Your Fertility, and it will be on the market in about a month. Email me if you'd like us to reserve a signed copy for you!

Because of our many late nights, I will make today's blog entry a little short. I thought I would use it to take a break from dietary tips to talk a little about possibility. You know what that’s sometimes that small crack in the door that lets just a little light in. It’s up to us to notice it and open the door wider.

Whenever you’re dealt with a particularly difficult blow, such as: “your eggs are too old!,” “we have no idea why you can’t conceive,” “It’s impossible for you to get pregnant without an IVF” – it’s important to shield yourself from these negative thoughts… let them bounce or roll right off you, and remember possibility. Keep going back to it, back to that crack in the door.

I encourage you to see negatives only as obstacles you need to overcome on your journey, a challenge for sure and something to handle, but definitely not something to stop you in your tracks! Keep in mind always, you have a lot of power, often much more power than you think, to make a difference in your own fertility. Hold on to possibility, believe in it, surrender to it. It’s amazing what can happen when you do.

More next week!